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Our custom suits for women are designed to fit your body type and style. We offer a selection of fabrics, from heavy wool to lightweight cotton, that will help you build a unique wardrobe. Our design experience allows you to choose from different design limitations and choices that will make your suit look perfect. During the custom design session, we will discuss fabric material, dress shirts, pants, chinos and other options available to create the perfect look for you.

At our store, we provide affordable suits that are tailored to fit your body type and style. Our basic suits are made with durable fabric and designed with comfort and quality in mind. With our customization options, you can choose from skirt suits or pantsuits that will make you look classy and stylish even if you searching for plus size suits. Visit our collection today at our store to start building your unique wardrobe!

“Evelin Suit was the first suit that made me look and feel like a lady”

Natasja Palm Hemmingsen


"I really love the quality and the unique style of my Evelin suits. Evelin team can create an amazing suit according your own wishes and ideas."

Noemi Salina


"Just another possibility to say thank you for your wonderful suits"

Simcha Levi


" I have received the suit and tried it on, it fits perfectly 🥰🥰 "

Hanne Tornbjerg


" It’s arrived 🎉 I will be wearing it tomorrow it came just in the nick of time. It is absolutely stunning and made me quite emotional when I put it on . Thank you so much I will definitely be in contact again for another suit so please keep my measurements xxx "

Anita Anzhela Lunam


" Suit has arrived. It beautiful, thank you very much ! 🙏🤩🙏 "

Pajush Pavlína Plucnarová


" My suit arrived. It's absolutely gorgeous. Fits perfectly and I love the colour and sparkle. It's so much nicer than the photo you put on Facebook. Thank you so much 😀 "

Karen King


 We are proud to offer our clients a bespoke experience, crafting garments that are made to measure and created with personal style in mind. Our world-class custom experience is designed to ensure premium quality fabrics and a perfect fit. We specialize in bespoke ladieswear, offering custom women’s suits, tailored trousers, tuxedos, and business attire. Our fashion design team works with virtual and in-person clients to create custom clothing for any occasion, from business casual to casual style. With our lady bespoke services, you can create a look that is truly unique and made just for you. At Evelin Fashion, we strive to provide our clients with a world-class custom experience. We are dedicated to creating garments with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, ensuring that your bespoke clothing is of the highest standard. Our team is committed to providing a tailored experience that will guarantee you the perfect fit, no matter your size or style. We proudly offer our female clients a bespoke experience, with a focus on creating clothing that is tailored to their individual needs.

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Our experienced tailors will provide instructions on how to move while being fitted. We use the latest technology to ensure that your suit fits perfectly, giving you the best possible fit. We also offer a selection of fabrics, from heavy wool to lightweight cotton, that will help you create a unique wardrobe. With our customization options, you can choose from skirt suits or pant suits that will make you look classy and stylish.

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Emerald Green

Brocade mixed with Cotton and Silk, detailed with a Swarowski button.

Madrid Love

Stylish Boucle mixed with red Silk Roses and Shiny Red Threads.

My Cherry Red

Soft Red Tweed mixed with Wool and decorated with Swarowski buttons.

Night in Paris

Classy Black and White Pepita Tweed mixed with shiny black threads.