How can I get information about Evelin products?

  • Any information of Evelin products you can find out by getting in touch with us via email or online chat.

How many collections come per year?

  • Spring/Summer collection comes out in April and Fall/Winter that comes out in September.

How can I receive news about Evelin Fashion?

  • You can subscribe to our Newsletter or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

How can I have Evelin product repaired?

  • Lost button or your suit need reparation? Get in touch with Evelin team via Email or Online Chat.

How much does the shipping costs?

  • Shipping price depends from the country where suit has to be delivered.

How long does it take suit to be delivered?

  • Time depends of each country. Usually it takes 5-10 working days if suits being shipped with regular curier. For delivery within 3-4 working days there will be extra charges.

How long does it take suit to be sewed?

  • Evelin team needs 5-10 working days to sew a custom made suit according your measurements. Time depends of the complexity of the suit. Please remember: this is not fast fashion, it’s completely made-to-measure and made-to-order, meaning that a brand new article of clothing is created from scratch exactly to fit you!